Sometimes Inspiration hides way and it's hard to find.  It's a normal process of life itself.  Nothing is static in life.  I put a few steps that usually help me find mine most of the time.   I hope it's helpful to you too.
 Inspiration comes from a greater force.  I believe it is a positive response to our actions and thoughts.  Therefore if you want to regain inspiration the first thing to do is to drop any resentment or anger inside you.  It's impossible to live a positive and inspiring life with a negative and resented mind.
It's said and said many times but nothing more certain than the fact that nobody has an interrupted perfect life. Period!  So, learn to accept the ups and downs in life and start appreciating the simplest things.  Instead of complaining about how horrible the traffic is, thank God that you are able to drive a car and do things on your own.  There are millions of people who for one reason or another don't have the physical freedom to get up their beds and do things by themselves.  Apply this comparison technique to your life and you'll soon realize that everyone of us is blessed in extraordinary ways.  

Inspiration diverts when routine or monotony gets in the way.  Do something that is completely out of your routine one day.  For instance, why not having your breakfast at a coffee shop instead of having it at home like every other day.  Go out earlier, sit at a coffee shop, grab a newspaper and read it while there, go for a brisk walk and breath in the fresh morning air. Again, appreciate the fact that you are breathing.  
Don't seek it, don't rush to grab a hold of inspiration, don't force it.  It's Murphy's law.  The more you want something, the more it gets farther away.  Have you noticed what happens when you are waiting for a call or email?  It doesn't come until you step aside and engage your interest in something else and forget about it.  Unplug yourself from the frenzies of the media and start a new book, take a gym class, or go shopping.  By the time you notice, you'll be so inspired that you will be spreading it around you.  
Procrastination is another obstacle to an inspiring life.  Start making a list of the things you've been postponing and start with the simplest one.  Send that email out and don't focus on receiving a positive response.  If you happened to get a positive one, great!  But, It's not about always getting what you want, it's about dealing with the negative and positive in a positive manner and most importantly it's about moving forward and taking the next step. 

Being inspired requires a connection between our minds and hearts.  Forget about your goals and accomplishments for a day or two.  In another words forget about yourself.  Tell ego to go away for a day or two and focus on others.  Volunteer at a place where your soul moves, where your tears surprise you at any moment.  When you give without expecting anything in return, a feeling of elation comes in your life and inspiration and fulfillment follows. 
I want to share with you this words of wisdom that I received from The Kabbalah Center. 

If you seek the bad, you'll find it.
If you seek the good, you'll find it.
We always have in front of us an choice between two realities.  Positive and Negative.
The reality in which we invest our energy in is the one we exist in.
images from Tumblr.