The best thing that's happened to fashion is the fact that has never been more about personal style and expression.  Long gone are the days when style would label and stereotype people and designate them to specific social circles.  I think fashion has done what reasoning never did, establish the fact that fashion has played an active role in history and as such a consequence of history's many arbitrary actions and inequities.  Long gone are the days when Vogue magazine was only acquired and used by a privileged society leaving the people on the other end with no reference what so ever.  Boy times have changed, haven't they?  Now-a-days it's hard to distinguish and thank God, much less stereotype who is the one wearing the prints or the solids, the turban or the hot, the discrete or the revealing clothes, the ballerinas or the heels?  And I think it was clearly about time.  Have an excellent free-of-judgment weekend!