I have many places I want to go to, like many but, Capri in Italy is by far on the top of my list.  At this point it has moved up to be the tittle of my list, really! Hubby take note!  I have the thought of me walking down one of its many hilly stoned walkways down to the beach with the air blowing my hair while my feet warm up at the touch of the hot ground.  I may even fall down trying to take in the amazing view.  Now, this breath taking beach home in Capri designed by the one and only Jean-Louis Deniot makes my wishes go one step further and of all of a sudden I start thinking how about a vacation home there, even if it's in a million year?  One can dream!  Had I not read that Jean-Louis Deniot designed this home I would've thought that it was created by nature itself, especially the outside.  Enjoy!
Jean-Louis Je t'aime beaucoup
Found it loveisspeed.