One thing is to decorate homes where families live but a whole different thing is to translate a Fashion brand into a commercial space.  The fabulous Balmain store in Paris was designed by Architect Joseph Dirand and the space, besides being one that translates French perfect art craft in the best way possible is one that I'm sure will inspire its clients and make them feel like royals.  The store design is impeccable and once again Dirand's amazing Interior Design rests on pure architecture, symmetry, balance and neutral palette.  Immaculate architectural details as wooden parquet floors, ornate wall moldings, elaborate French door pediments are some of the exquisite decorating features in the Balmain store in Paris.
Love the grey walls accented with gold molding in what appears to be the customization room. 

Ornate oversize mirror over ornate wall moldings is perfectly French.  A marble fireplace adds texture and color to the space.

A modern black cocktail table allows the rest of the space reign by itself. 

Black and white marble floor and a very French iron console.  Love the flat square column covered in mirror.  

All images edited by me from Joseph Dirand website.