As many of you may have heard, Fashion Designer L'Wrent Scott committed suicide yesterday.  As someone who had experienced the tragedy and desolation of someone in your family committing suicide I can imagine the devastation among her family and friends.  This is a very important moment to reflect on the saying "Do not compare your Inside to Someone Else's Outside".  Life is full of competition even when you don't want to tag along, others sometimes take your actions as a provocation to compete and I can only imagine that this is prevalent even more frequently in the Fashion world.  I'm sure it's full of great and fantastic people but I'm sure that it is also full of people who would be more than willing to give others the cold shoulder.  For many people everything that has to do with religion or spirituality is passé, but meditation can do wonders to those who feel lonely and without hope.  Only 5 minutes alone in the day with yourself to think and reflect on a greater good is enough to start feeling better.