Oversized art in a room is a great way to bring in the design details that your home may need.  An overscaled piece of wall art injects immediate architecture, personality and identity to a modern home.  Anything from a modern option like a black and white photograph of a favorite icon to a traditional painting, here are five reasons why you need an oversized art in your home decor.

It will give you a piece of mind.  Gallery walls are a very beautiful option but it could be a headache for those with no expertise on the material.  Choosing one oversize piece of art will avoid all the hustle of ruining your walls by making unnecessary extra holes.
Instant focal point.  Unless you want your home to look like a gallery or museum, keep the rest of the hanging art in the room smaller than the over sided art.  Too many focal points in a room can cause multiple focal points that can cause confusion.

Save smartly.   Buying a piece of art that you love and one that speaks to you is a lot more affordable than buying a few. 
Easy to replace.  When you have the need for a change of mood in the room it will be much easier to replace it.

Easy to fake.  As art is subjective and as personal as the clothes you wear, anything could be art.  For your home consider hanging embroideries, framing wallpaper, fabric panel or anything that you love and want to live with.

Top image by design by Beto Galvez and Norea De Vitto, not noted via Pinterest