After my last post, posting something like this is actually daring. I don't think the two of them can ever relate but I wanted to open the day with something more inspiring. Last week I made reference to the book of Madeleine Castaing which brought me back memories of this Paris flat designed collaboratively between Jacques Grange and its owner Agostinelli. This chic Parisian apartment, where Le Style Castaing can be appreciated at its best belongs to Prada executive Mathilde Agostinelli. You've probably seen it before since it was featured a few years ago in House & Garden. Its traditional furnishing is modernly displayed with colorful fabrics and modern pieces around the house. Castaing "Carrelage Castaing" carpet covers the entire apartment floor, making it a unified platform. The "Rayure Fleurie" fabric covers the walls in the master bedroom where a Lalanne table and stool are used (perhaps) as make-up station or writing desk(?) Because this house was featured in 2006 I wonder if it looks the same today. If I were Agostinelli I would not have changed a thing.

The urns on the mantle once belonged to Castaing.