Today I'd like to invite you to absolutely amazing house of Dutch artist Paula Leen. Her house is a convereted barn in Akkrum, a village in the northern province of Friesland. Paula lives here with her family: husband  and two daughters. I must admit that this house is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. I loved it at first sight (it's a great inspiration for the future renovation of my own house). I love everything in it! All shades of grey, the contrast in used materials: steel, wood, metal, concrete, simplicity and beauty of the furnitures, texture of curtains, furs and textiles, the mastery in creating such a pure, serene and practical space. And light… it's absolutly stunning how light completes the perfection of this house. As I said I loved Paula's house when I saw it some years ago, now I found out something more about her. She's incredible talented designer. She designed everything in her house but look what she creates in her workshop on the ground floor of the house: lamps, rugs, cushions, vases, curtains, tiles… you could see all here. She said: "I'm completely self-taught, but I follow my heart. When it comes to design, you should always listen to your own voice, because that's what will make you happy". You can find out more about Paula's  brand Poetryworld and philosophy on her website. "The English word 'poetry' means so much more than words and rhymes on a piece of paper.  It means to evoke feelings through art, and that's exactly what I try to do in my work. I try to reach people, make myself heard and have people understand me through my art"
I'm sure it's no need to say anything else just have a look…

and some pics from Paula's workshop... 
I asked Paula 6 questions and here are her answers:
What inspires you the most in your work?
I like to create with my hands and its my way to express myself. I love products made with  attention, it gives such a different feeling.
You like your home for...
I like my home for, the purity,  its space   the light and the view. I like the stillness of my house, so I can listen to my innervoice....
How does your house express your personality...
My house express my personality by being pure,  open, dreamy.
What's your dreamy place to live and create?
My dreamy place is  the balcony when the weather is beautifull, my workshop with the stove when its autum and the living room is the place where we are together and where we meet people. 
What a wonderful evening means for you...
A wonderful evening means for me, a good conversation, a inspiring movie or book or listening to music.
Where can we buy products designed by you?
If there is something someone should like to buy, or something you like to know about a product  please send me a e-mail.

Paula – thank you so much!

All quotations I used in that presentation: by Paula Leen.
Photography by Hotze Eisma
Styling by Rianne Landstra